AWD vs PosiTraction

A Honda salesman claims that it’s Accord with posi-traction is just as good as AWD and that since I prefer a sedan, I should buy it. Does anybody know?

His/her interest is selling you a car. Also Honda does not have posi-traction but traction control.

He is stretching(lying) to make the sale. FWD works quite well for most situations however never as well as AWD for traction getting moving.

Tell him that you are interested in the Honda Pilot with AWD and you will see how fast he changes his tune since he will make more commission on the Pilot. In case you were not aware of it, most car salesmen will say almost anything in order to make a sale–whether it is true or not. You know, sort of like a politician who wants votes at any cost.

A 2wd vehicle (whether FWD or RWD) with Posi-traction will be superior to a 2wd vehicle without posi-traction when it comes to getting yourself going on a slippery surface. However, it is still inferior to AWD in terms of traction.

That being said, I believe that the Accord has Traction Control, which is not the same as posi-traction (limited slip differential)–but then again, most of us don’t expect car salesmen to actually know anything about the product that they are selling. ;-))

In other words, that salesman is a liar and/or is not familiar with the technical details of that car. Are you shocked?

What do you mean. You think a car salesman might not tell 100% true stores??

You have to describe what “just as good” means. Frankly for 90% of all drivers it is just a good maybe better. Why do you want AWD? There are down sides to AWD.

AWD is great if you have to deal with slippery weather and snow covered roads on a daily basis…but good tires and traction control are a better alternative for most, esp. if you’re interested in better gas economy. Not many AWD milage champs out there. Tract control is a “fake” positraction that uses the abs to reduce wheel spin and encourage the power to the other side. True positraction works much better in deep snow and mud where a little spin is “needed” to keep the tread clear. Definitely a bonafied “lie” by the salesman

PS…think of a salesman as a polition running for office. There are some honest ones out there, but you and I have difficulty telling the difference.
Oh…as stated, the Accord has trac control, not positraction.

Depends what he means by good. Posi-traction is not good for the steering, if it’s even available on front wheel drive cars. Forget that bit of info. You probably don’t need AWD unless you live on a steep hill with lots of snow.