AWD Manual Hybrid

Hi. Have been waiting for Subaru to come out with an AWD hybrid, but the new Crosstek does not come with a manual transmission! Any advice for someone looking for a manual transmission, AWD hybrid, preferably a hatchback?? Love my Forester and wish they had made it as a hybrid!

The Honda CR-Z is the only manual transmission hybrid and it is front wheel drive.

I don’t think you will ever see one common in many models your price range. The management system includes the shift points in determining when some hybrids activate different drive systems, gas or electric. You don’t want to confuse the computer. ;=) (most use a cvt variant as well. )

I would skip the hybrid and get an Impreza manual, or hope that VW has the good sense to offer a Golf Sportwagen with AWD manual TDI.

In order for a hybrid system to be of any value, it needs to effectively recharge its battery during braking. This requires either a huge motor that essentially negates the need of a regular transmission, like a Prius, or a relatively small motor that augments the engine’s power. The latter option is generally used to drive an automatic transmission, which can downshift a gear or 2 to increase the motor’s speed hence recharge the battery.

However, taking full advantage of a manual hybrid requires the driver to downshift proactively. To downshift properly on a regular basis, you need to rev match properly or subject your clutch to undue wear as you’re using it as a brake. Honda’s engineer once proclaim that a manual hybrid can get better mileage than a CVT hybrid, so long as it is driven properly. But I doubt that most drivers would

@jtsanders: “The Honda CR-Z is the only manual transmission hybrid and it is front wheel drive.”

There is a reason most hybrids have automatics:

I think what the OP really needs is a Honda S2000 or a Mazda Miata.

Hybrids with conventional manual transmissions just don’t make sense. By having a clutch you negate much of the benefit of a hybrid, promote brake wear, and needlessly complicate a system that is already is foreign to many people. I doubt you’ll ever see one.

@Whitey, I just answered the question. If I were buying a hybrid, I’d get one with a CVT since it would be more efficient in dealing with the hybrid powertrain.

I’d suggest just buying a new Manual Forester or Impreza, the Hybrid XV Crosstrek looks to have pretty much the same MPG ratings. In europe you can buy the XV with a Diesel and manual transmission but no hybrid (Diesel seems to be where the demand is in that market)

Probaly easier to deal with the fuel supply too,I had the most amazing increase in vehicle mileage with the pure gas and motor seemed to have more torque also,strangely enough the HP seemed about the same(could a person really tell the difference?) if this keeps up I’ll burn non ethanol exclusively,even with the extra cost it will probaly be cheaper in the long run(I make an effort to use non ethanol in my small engines anyway) I hope the Hybrids continue to improve,it just makes a lot of sense-Kevin