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AWD all the time

The passenger control arm recently rusted through while I was driving along causing the right-front tire to turn perpendicular to the other three. With the control arm, tie rod and axle replaced my car will not drop out of AWD. It feels like driving an older locking hub 4-wheel drive truck on dry pavement whenever I make a sharp turn. Anyone out there with a potential fix? Thanks!

Your car has full time AWD anyway. The center differential/viscous coupling may have been damaged when the front suspension failed.


This vehicle needs to be inspected now. Rust is never in just one place. You most likely have other components ready to fail.


As was said, you car has full time AWD, and it will never drop out of that mode, that is not possible.

And let me reinforce the above, you probably have other major rust problems. This is a safety issue. Do not drive this vehicle until is it inspected.


I can only add emphasis to the posts already offered. This vehicle should be considered unsafe to drive until it’s had a good going over by a competent shop.

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If said action is now . - different - than before . .
Check the wheel speed sensor and wires. A bad signal about wheel speed will fool the computer.

Thank you Ken, I’ll give it a try


@p-man Why in the world are you posting all this contact info on an open web site. Use the edit button.

I removed the personal info. My theory is that because OP replied by e-mail, we saw his e-mail signature line.


That makes sense, probably goes in there automatically so the OP wouldn’t even think about it showing up