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Automatic transmission shifting

Why won’t my automatic transmission shit into 3rd

It’s broke. It’s impossible to tell anything at all from the tiny bit of information offered.

It needs to be looked at by a qualified tranny shop…not AAMCO, by the way. AAMCO is generally understood to mean All Automatics Must Come Out.

I can’t remember if your Solara has the 4 speed, the 5 speed, or the 6 speed transmission. More specifics would be helpful. When was the last fluid service on this transmission?

Need more info from you such as, year, engine size and exactly what the car is doing.


Just to detail it a bit more, Rocky…I’ll suggest a thorough description.

Does it drive 100% normal except for the shift into 3rd? (this assumes that 3rd is top gear otherwise you would (hopefully) have said, “won’t go beyond 2nd”).


It labors in all gears …but eventually shifts …but I can’t get passed 2nd. I’m doing 50mph.

Stuff like that.

Best answer is that that gear is shot. But you might try changing the fluid and screen and hope for the best.