Automatic Level Control

2001 Buick Park Avenue. Had the tires rotated, a couple days later I noticed the rear end jacked up, stuts appear to be fully extended. I suspected this happened when the vehicle was lifted. My question is. Is there a quick and easy remedy for this? Or was something damaged when the vehicle was lifted?

The height sensor probably came unhooked from the rear suspension. It’s mounted to the body of the car at one end and has a rather flimsy looking rod leading to it’s attachment point on the rear suspension. There’s a ball-and-socket at each end of the rod connecting it at each end, and they sometimes pop out. You may be able to reattach it, but it may happen again since they are often never as strong once they pop out. Lifting the vehicle on a hoist generally doesn’t cause this to happen. Road debris is a more likely culprit.

Thanks for the reply. I am not sure what caused it. I didn’t noticed the problem when I picked the car up,but it was late in the afternoon about sundown. Its been on a hoist a couple of times for tire rotation etc. and never had the problem. I looked under the car and don’t see any damage or anything that appears to be disconnected. The ball-and-socket on each end of the rod are intact and the box that containes the electrical connections seems to be ok, at least from the outside. In other words everything seems to be in place. Anyone out there had this problem before? All comments are welcomed.