Automated driver assist systems

Interesting article based on AAA testing.,AAA%20Finds%20Active%20Driving%20Assistance%20Systems%20Do%20Less,Drivers%20and%20More%20to%20Interfere&text=ORLANDO%2C%20Fla.&text=AAA%20also%20found%20that%20active,control%20back%20to%20the%20driver.


Not surprised by the report. Imagine how bad the add on aftermarket systems would be if the factory systems rate that poorly!

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The factory systems still could be improved but from the reviews of the aftermarket blind spot monitors you would need to remember why the car is beeping at you. My dad’s '19 CRV will show a little coffee cup on the dash if it thinks you’re relying on lane keep assist too much to suggest that it might be a good idea to take a break.

This technology is still in it’s infancy. Kinks may exist in these early systems. Lets see how they are in 5-10 years. This technology is changing drastically every month.

The only automated system I would like to see is for semi trucks on interstate highways. I think the simplicity of this driving might begin to match up with the complexity of the device to allow automation. The truck is also big enough to allow redundant systems of different design. A “train” of trucks could allow communication from front to rear, so that multi-truck pile-ups could be avoided.
In the meantime, I will stir the pot. I live near I-81, where thousands of trucks travel daily. I believe that trucks should be restricted to the right lane (socially-distanced). The trucking industry would self-police out those trucks that can’t get above 50 mph. This would stop those trucks going 80 mph and dodging in and out of traffic, and slowing to 50 on hills.

Wish Granted.

I knew we were close to this. The website says that driverless would occur in early 2020. I wonder if that has happened.

They’ve been on the road for at least a year now. 60 minutes did a segment a few months ago and stated they were on the road for months when the episode was aired.