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Auto transport across country

Our son will be returning to college at the end of the month, leaving New York State for San Diego. Because of time constraints he will fly to Cal. and we will ship his Honda Civic via an auto transport company. We did this last summer, it took an entire month for the car to arrive! And here we are attempting it again! Any advise or suggestions about this process? There are nearly 2000 of these transport “companies” doing business in the country and, needless to say, we are a bit weary.


Go to any well-stocked news stand and pick up a copy of “Hemmings Motor News”. It’s a monthly publication, and under the heading of “Services Offered” you will find literally hundreds of auto shipping companies, from single car open trailers, to climate controlled enclosed tractor trailers. It’s an extremely competitive segment of the trucking industry, so get several quotes and do some haggling.