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Auto Parts Markup?

Now that we are talking pizza, I don’t know about Bizarro but Little Richards is almost not edible. $5 or not I end up throwing most of it away.

Something weird here, try to reply and get Home Depot and Behr.

Must be time for painting! And like the auto parts markup I pay big bucks for sherwin williams paint

Yeah 15 gallons for the house and 8 for the deck but my wife is great at finding the discounts. No one pays full retail unless you run out.

Never heard of Little Richards pizza . . .

But I’ve heard of Little Caesars pizza . . . I’m not saying it’s the best, but I feel the plain cheese pizza isn’t too bad. Sure can’t beat the price :+1:

Occasionally, in days past, I would pick up a cheese pizza on the way home. But the Little Caesars that was kind of close to my house has been gone for a few years. So that’s no longer an easy option

Sorry. Lil Richards was the band not the pizza. Maybe I better get back to cars.

National Chain Pizzas don’t do well in the Buffalo Area. Most of them are cheaper than our local ones but they just don’t taste very good.

Same with Syracuse (which is 30% Italian)…or the North-end Boston. You want GOOD Pizza - Boston North End. Pick one. The more North in NH you go…the less likely of getting good Pizza. Great Pizza in the southern end…Boston North-End is very Italian…NH is either French Canadian or Irish. My Irish Mom tried to make Pizza’s several times and failed. My Italian wife makes EXCELLENT pizza.

I HATED fish growing up in the Syracuse area. After moving to NH - I now know why. Fish is so much fresher closer to the coast. Tastes so much better when it’s fresh. Been to a few little restaurants that are owned by Fishing companies. I’ve had line caught fish that caught that day.

Capitalism. Businesses charge whatever they want to charge in the hopes of making money.

If not many folks buy the product at those prices, they will likely go out of business. If people are willing to pay those prices, then the businesses must be doing something right and will likely be successful.

The Friday fish fry is a Western NY insWDE367tution and not just among Catholics. The Fish is preferably Haddock although in my youth it was Blue Pike and latecomers grumbled if they had to et yellow pike. Alas, the Blue Pike is extinct and scientists were going to try to back breed it but no samples remain so they don’t even know exactly what species it was.

I did no realize it was a regional thing until my first trip west with a truck. It was dinnertime somewhere in the middle of Ohio and I came upon a crossroads tavern with pickup trucks pulled in at all angles.

I went in and waved off the menu and asked for a fish fry. The bartender said, why would we have a fish fry and we just looked at each other , each thinking the other crazy.

You mention Syracuse. I was spending the night in Syracuse and the company put me up at a motel on Carrier Circle. I had my tractor for transportation and a ways south of the circle I came upon a Doug’s Fish Fry. I went in and studied the menu on the wall. They had hamburgers and other fast foods but I didn’t see any fish. I asked the clerk, where is the fish. He said ,we have a shrimp basket. I asked how can a place with fish fry in its name not have any fish. His answer was, I just work here.

The odd part is, I have since eaten at Doug’s Fish Fry’s in Cortland and Skaneateles and both have excellent fish fries.

I made a trip back to Sturgeon Bay with my folks where they were during WW II. To see some of the places, meet a few guys that were still around, and here some fishing and war stories. At any rate that night we ate at a local cafe and had their special white fish. It was some of the best fish I ever tasted, fresh out of the bay I suppose.

I had a few relatives and friends that worked at Carrier before they shut down the plants there and moved manufacturing to KY.

Doug’s Fish Fry does sell Fried Haddock. I don’t why they didn’t when you visited. They are one of the better fish fry’s in upstate NY…but they pale to anyplace around here.

Back to cars…For 20 years the NY State Fairgrounds in Syracuse hosts the Syracuse Nationals. They are one of the largest cars shows on the east coast. I’ve gone a few times. You can’t see all the cars in one day. It’s worth the trip. I was going to go this year…but it was canceled due to Covid (what wasn’t canceled). A couple months after the Nationals - they have the NY State Fair…and Doug’s Fish Fry has a spot in one of the buildings.

I hope they have the nationals this year, I will give it a try, I did not see a single car show this year, all the ones I usually go to were cancelled, the only ones that went on seemed to be some single marque ones that I have no interest in.

Fish frys were a staple in the upper midwest as well. When I was younger, they were typically yellow perch. Perch were over caught and it kept changing to lesser quality fish over the years as each subsequent selection became harder to come by. The other option was fried Smelt. Delicious. Funny thing, in the earlier years, they were called “All you can eat”. Later on, they changed it to “All you care to eat”. I think some people took the former as a personal challenge and may have forced them to change. Last I was there, it was no longer open ended, you got a set amount. Most people got in their cars to go out to eat on Fridays.

When I visit my son in Green Bay a lake perch dinner is always on the itinerary.

No more lake perch near me, pretty much cod, but better than a fish boil in dood county, Sorry Door County, though in MN I ordered pan fried walleye, was expecting sauteed walleye, peeled off the batter as I do not do batter, and it was the best fish I have ever had I think! Bites in Pine River MN shout out.