Auto insurance in texas

Can you insure your car after insurance company declares it totaled in TEXAS? Car is 10 years old and I want to buy it back but don’t know whether I can get it insured.

Have you thought about calling your insurance agent or the company you are dealing with now? I’m sure you can get liability insurance…

AAA said they will not insure the car if I keep it.

I would mention that even if it is possible to insure your car, it’s probably not financially prudent to do so. When you get your car back, it will have a salvage title and its value will be halved and so it is probably not going to be worth enough in the event of another total loss to justify paying premiums for collision or theft.

call other insurance companies(allstate, geico, progressive, state farm, etc.) and find out if they will. You might luck out and be able to get some liability coverage on it as that’ll probably be the only kinda coverage you’d want

On a car that age the only insurance you’ll be needing is liability.
No ‘comp & collision’.

This is exactly why I advocate everybody, everywhere pushing the insurance industry and the state laws that coincide to change the rules.
LIABILITY insurance should be written for the DRIVER, not the vehicle. Rates would then be reletive to the driver’s personal history and follow the driver everywhere no matter what they’re driving.
Comprehensive and collision insurance would be written on the vehicle and rates would be reletive to vehicle type etc.

This is a big job because state laws are involved that need changed.

Do your rates change that much from car to car? I have 5 cars and switch the insurance around from time to time and usually my rates will go up or down $1, but they’re usually the same for whatever I’m driving.

But I do strongly agree with your proposal, as it would do away with me having to do the insurance switcheroo. And besides, it’s not like I can crash more than one car at a time-- why should I have to be paying for liability on more than one car at a time!

I’m guessing that you can insure it if you can register it. Find out what hoops your local motor vehicle department makes you jump through to register a salvaged car. I rebuilt an abandoned car I purchased from a towing company once. I had to obtain a “salvage” title. I discovered that it was just too much hassle to register it. I stripped the car and junked it. It was such a waste. Call your MV department before you buy it back!

If you want to see the mess you have to go through in CT, check this out:

What a joke!

I once had a '64 Chevy II that was rear ended and the insurance company “totaled” it even though I could drive it away from the accident. The insurance company let me keep the car and just paid for the diminished value and I kept driving it using a rope to keep the trunk closed.
If you have a title, you can resister and insure it in Texas and you can drive it as long as it passes the annual safety inspection, i.e. the horn has to blow, the lights have to work, the brakes have to work, the tires can’t be worn out and a few other things. Texas is pretty liberal that way.

I eventually found someone at AAA who said that they would put me in touch with one of their brokers who will obtain insurance for me. Apparently it will not be with AAA, but some other company that they refer to. Since AAA was closed for Thanksgiving and only opens on Monday, I have not yet removed my car from the first body shop whose estimate was really very high.
Thanks to all of you that have given me invaluable information. I will post the outcome of this experience on Monday, I hope.

That’s what liability insurance is for.

Buying back a totaled car that is still roadworthy can be a windfall. Depending on how it was damaged and whether you can work some acceptable fix, it can be like getting an almost-free car.

I was assuming you can get liability. But it is worth considering that even if some other idiot crashes into you, your salvage titled car is still going to be worth half price.