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I’ve got electric steering on my Acura and so far like it with no problems. Provides easy steering like power steering used to be. I do believe though that GM was having some problems with it too on some models. Don’t remember what it was but I think they took it out. Yeah, bad steering could have done it alright. This I would consider a safety issue.

The Cobalt electric steering would bind up and become very difficult to turn if it was used too much all at once, like when a new driver practiced parking. The immediate solution was to turn the engine off and restart. GM recalled the affected cars and replaced the electric steering with another electric unit that worked without this flaw.

@ On the Cobalt, Saturn and other similar vehicles it was extremely vague. Something like the old early 60s linkage type which was a bear to control in a cross wind.

Most electric steering can’t take over, there’s still the mechanical link between the steering wheels and the tires.

Yes, there’s still a mechanical link, but the control system is different and it can do strange things. There have been tons of complaints about electric power steering.

This is an old article, but still relevant. It mentions “veering” problems with the Corolla, possibly similar to what the OP experienced:

It’s pretty long-winded, but has a good technical explanation about how the feedback loop between driver and electric steering can cause sudden unintended veering.

I have extensively driven my friend’s Rav-4 with electrically-assisted PS, and I can find no fault with it. However, I can’t comment on the quality/limitations/problems that might be inherent with Hyundai’s electrically-assisted PS.

All of that being said, I think that it is much more likely that unseen puddles led to this accident, rather than a PS problem. But…as was already said…if the OP thinks that the vehicle might have been the cause of the accident…Why would he/she buy the same make of vehicle again?

What is that old saying?
Once burned, twice shy…


@Docnick, if you are referring to the Cobalt electric power steering, I disagree. We have a 2009 Cobalt LT and the steering behaves exactly now as it did with the replaced faulty one in the recall. Steering is and was precise and does not detract from the driving experience. The only issue was binding if the steering wheel was turned too much in a short period.