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Auto engine oil overpressurization

I have a 1999 Subaru forrester. recently i let my ex change the oil for me. He put in 5 quarts of oil. shortly there after the engine lite started to flash, and then the car over heated. are these related. the mechanic that is looking at it did not think so but wouldnot rule it out. my car is now blowing smoke out the exhaust. is it done for

What is the trouble code? Anytime the ‘Check Engine’ light goes on, the computer is storing a code. Also, what color is the smoke? Black is gasoline, blue is oil, and white is coolant.

good questions that i do not remember what the mechanic said. he said it was a 3 1/2 quart system. i am reading about how the oil can get foamed up. i confronted the ex on it and he said if the oil wasn’t getting to the engine the oil light would have come on but i don’t think so caus there would still be plenty in the oil pan. anyway. i will add to this on monday

overfilling the oil tank will allow the lower end of the engine to cause foaming and this will not be appreciated by the oil pump which can’t properly get liquid oil to where it needs to be. As a result, oil will not lubricate the engine properly and will burn it up in short order…sorry, but you need to let pros do your work, as this is going to cost thousands to fix if I am right. A cylinder leakdown test, compression test will tell you pretty quickly…