Auto dealer recommendations Sacramento Ca region

What Ford dealer do you recommend going to within the sacramento, ca area. I’m looking for a
Ford 150 truck.
Thanks zuse

All of them, get the best deal you can get.

In leu of going to the dealers first, go to, find the truck you are interested in and then follow links to the various dealers that have them in stock and their internet prices. The contact the dealer(s). Often you will get deals through their internet sales teams that are better than you would get with a visit in person.

If you are a member of Costco, use their new car purchasing program, you would have to be a very skilled negotiator to beat the deal you will get through them. If you use them, the dealership will often offer you a better deal than is available through the Costco program, but beware, the Costco deals prevents them from doing some of the backroom add ons that will cost you more in the long run.

I’ll go a little off topic . . .

if you’re financing, you might want to consider using your credit union to secure the loan

My brother always does this, and he gets a much more favorable rate than anybody else is offering him

I second db4690’s suggestion on this.

Look on line at dealer inventory in an area around Sacremento that you are comfortable with. The dealer web sites will have Inventory and often have prices. These prices could be MSRP, but might be prices they will meet and should include any incentives. If you don’t qualify for incentives like college grad or military, make sure if the price includes them. Once you find a dealer with one or more trucks you want to see and drive, go in and check them out.

I never recommend dealers, just because I had a good experience and felt good about the deal does not mean you will.

Does it really matter? Those dealers all share the same playbook so to speak along with tee times and getting sloshed together at dealer meetings so it’s six of one, half dozen of the other.

And any one dealer can have a wide variety of salesmen/women. Some good, some not.

A friend of mine who lives in Sacramento got his truck from Harrold Ford Auto dealership. This is the address:

1535 Howe Ave
Sacramento, CA 95825