Audi TT just won't start

my audi tt 2003 convertible turbo has had trouble starting. the engine turns over just fine and up untill now it has caught, albeit a little slow. now I note that it still catches, about every 3rd try, but unlike before it isn’t staying on no matter how much I try to rev the engine. We just had the spark plugs and 2 coils replaced. There’s a coolant leak through the sensor housing (we have the part for that but hubby doesn’t want to fix it) but we do keep coolant at sufficient levels. problem seems to get worse on colder mornings, but is not affected by cold in the evening. Yes, the check engine light is on. The codes have been read and it’s coming up as the temp sensor (which part we purchased, but hubby doesn’t want to install).

Why doesn’t he want to change it? It has to be done before any further troubleshooting can be done.

This one might be easier to fix by replacing the hubby. Really, not fixing what you already know needs to be fixed is going to make finding out what else (if any) you need is going to be a lot harder to fix.

Why does he not want to fix it?

Report the specific code. The format is “P1234”

The temp sensor tells the computer about the engine’s temp. When the engine’s temp is cold, the computer basically puts on the equivalent of what used to be the “choke.” It makes the air/fuel mix rich - which is what is needed for a cold engine. If the computer doesn’t “know” that the engine is cold (e.g. from a bad temp sensor) then you will have a hard time starting it cold.

So if the hubby is being a stick in the mud, take it to a shop.