Audi quattro head gasket

So I took the car to the machanic because it was leaking coolant at the resivor. So they replaced it. Coolant still leaked. They said water pump so they fixed that. Coolant still leaked. The coolant spews from around the resivor tank cap and no where else. I does it when climbing steep iclines with rpms btw 3 and 4 or so. Now they “predict” Head gasket… before I say fix it any other ideas!

I would make sure the radiator cooling fans are operating before going into an alleged head gasket problem. If you have a head gasket problem those symptoms are going to occur all of the time, incline or not.

The fans should operate whenver the A/C or the DEF is on. With the A/C off the fan should cycle on when the temp gets high enough and off when the temp drops.

Has anyone checked the resevoir tank cap? A weak cap can cause an overflow problem. Since you no doubt do not own the special tools to check this you might consider just buying a cap, change it, and see what happens.

There are definitive tests for a leaking head gasket. If your mechanic doesn’t know that, you need a new mechanic. It sounds like they are trying the “process of elimination” system, or throwing parts at it until something works.

I have the same problem. I am still trying to find out what causes this problem. My Audi mechanic is 45 miles form me and he is good (in expensive). This is what I know. Audi uses a closed cooling system. It uses an “expansion tank” as opposed to a “recovery tank.” An expansion tank is for a pressurized system with the pressure release cap on the expansion tank. There is a pressure release hole on the underside of the tank. By the way, you need to use Audi’s own coolant. Off-the-shelf coolant (e.g. Prestone) will deteriorate your engine gaskets prematurely. I think that the problem may be caused by a clog, a weak heater control valve (less than $10). In otherwords, there is something blocking the flow of coolant that is causing a back pressure that is being released at the tank. Question: Is your heater working?