Audi ambush

I leased an Audi A4. After 3 years. Audi “inspected” the car. They presented me with a bill for $2,200 - a total of things like $55 for dents in the hood (I defy you to see them) and $250 for “door handle scratch.” Plus scratches on tires! I took it to a dealer and even he laughed at the bill. He said all of the dings and scratches totalled up to now more than $750. What is this? Am I being blackmailed into buying this car? I called Audi and they graciously offered me a 10% discount. What’s going on here? No one I know who has ever leased a car has experienced anything like this.

I’m half German. It doesn’t surprise me!
Sorry, I hope I didn’t offend anyone.

I’m frugal and bullheaded. I see where they’re coming from. I’m not sure what you can do about it. I think they want you to fix their car or buy it from them. I’m not so sure it’s just Audi using these promotional tactics. I don’t and won’t lease.

Read back through the lease papers you signed. You will probably find that you can legitimately be dinged for “wear and tear” charges. This is common with any car lease and is yet another reason why leasing is not a good idea for most people.