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Audi allroad 2005

My front right air tire wont rise up, just dat one, what could cause this

Have you checked the tire for punctures?
If it won’t hold air, the possibilities essentially come down to either a defective valve or a puncture.

Put the spare tire on, and drive to a tire shop where they can put the tire in a tank of water to check for the source of the leak.

An additional cause of losing air might be a bent rim. Has anyone driving the vehicle hit a curb lately?

I noticed your other post. Are these the same problem? Is it the air suspension or the tire?

“Is it the air suspension or the tire?”

…or both…

If there are problems with both the air suspension and at least one tire, I would suspect that this vehicle has been driven off-road, and not have been treated very well. Of course, I could be wrong, and I will leave it to the OP to clarify what the problem(s) might be, and whether he/she has driven off-road.

Can you phrase the question coherently?