Audi A8 Engine problems - ADVICE Needed

I am planning on buying a 2000 Audi A8 from someone, but it has some engine problems. The dealer who looked at it for me diagnosed the following codes:

P0102 ? Mass Air Flow Sporadic

P0300 ? Random Cylinder Misfire Detected ?Sporadic

P 0305 Cylinder 5 - Cylinder Misfire Detected ?Sporadic

P 0304 Cylinder 4 - Cylinder Misfire Detected ?Sporadic

P 0308 Cylinder 8 - Cylinder Misfire Detected ?Sporadic

P 0306 Cylinder 6 - Cylinder Misfire Detected ?Sporadic

P1128 ? BANK 1 , mixture adaptation ? sys too lean ? Sporadic

P1130 ? BANK 2 , mixture adaptation ? sys too lean - Sporadic

P 0302 Cylinder 2 - Cylinder Misfire Detected ?Sporadic

P1141 ? Load detection ? implausible value

P1131 Bank2, sensor 1

P1113 Bank1, sensor 1

P1857 load signal

PID 06 / PID 07, PID 08, PID 09 ? Gasoline Air ration malfunctions in banks1/3 and 2/4

The dealer says that the timing is completely off causing the misfire and suspects the timing belt. However, he says that he cannot confirm anything until the front of the engine is off and can get a clearer look. It is couple hour?s worth of work for the dealer to take the front off the engine off for inspection. Worst case situation, the dealer says the could be severe and that I may need an engine replacement.

The car does start but cannot maintain it?s idle and is misfiring as confirmed with the engine codes displayed above.

Would anyone know what this may be and of any suggestions.

Thanks a lot,


Some more info would help; mileage, has the car been sitting for a while, what the story from the seller is, etc.

If the car has suffered a timing belt failure it’s possible that it could have suffered some cylinder head valve damage. Someone may have replaced the belt and discovered they now have major issues.

It’s also possible the belt was replaced and whoever did this job has it a tooth or three off.
There are too many codes and not enough info to hazard a guess at this point.

My suggestion would be to pull the spark plugs and run a compression test. If the engine has valve damage or the timing belt marks are off then a compression test should show this.

As it sits right now I would not give a lot of money for that car without some pretty reliable answers in advance.

Wow, that is a pretty impressive list of trouble.

I would try replacing the O2 sensors first and see what happens. On another site a member was having trouble with misfires and replacing the O2 sensor cleared the problem. If that helps and you still have a MAF sensor problem then you might try replacing that next.

Only conjectures and wild guesses will come on that many codes. It could one minor item causing all the poor running conditions or a serious item.

I would price(pay for) the vehicle as if it needed an engine replacement and go from there. The risk is on you not the seller.

Probably say the timing needs done along with a fuel injection service. I would have an Mechanic who has worked on Audi confirm the extent of repairs. If the car has not been driven at all since this problem, the engine values may be intact else the valves could get bent and worst case, you may need an engine replacement.


Have the owner get back to you when the car runs right and there are no codes. This car has the potential for eating you out of house and home, so to speak.

Present the list of woes to the owner and say that you are willing to pay the asking price if he can show receipts for the repairs. You might offer $10,000 less than the asking price to offset some of the cost of a new engine. Or just walk. That’s what I’d do.