Audi A4 Climate Control Problems

I have a 2002 Audi A4 and last winter, the heater quit working. Diagnostic showed a “blend door code”. I didn’t fix it because Spring was around the corner. Then summer came and the AC went out. In NC, you fix the AC! Replaced the compressor, accumulator, and orphice tube. Winter again, still no heat. Spring arrives with its cold mornings and warm afteroons. It blows cold when it’s cold outside and it blows warm when it’s above 65 outside. Other than my car being confused, what could be the problem?

The blend door code you’ve ignored since 2002 just might be the problem. The blend door directs airflow through the heater core, the AC evaporator, or both, depending on the desired temperature. If the blend door isn’t working you will have no control over the temperature.

Minor point of correction: I haven’t ignored the blend door code since 2002. The year model is 2002. I have ignored the blend door code for a little over one year. In either case, I hope that resolving the blend door problem will fix my climate control dilemma. Thank you!