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Audi A4 2.8 L v6

Great car 64000 miles on it. I was driving normally not beating on it. CE light came on car was running really rough. Code says random misfire. There is a small amount of coolant in the cylinders. How can this happen?

how did you determine coolant in cylinders?

more info, what have you done recently to the car? any repairs? any plugs or wire replacement?

I pulled the plugs on the misfiring cylinders (from CE code) I smelled it. Plugs and wires were replaced 5000 miles ago.

It sounds like a blown head gasket. Check the compression in your cylinders to see if low compression accompanies the cylinders with coolant in them.

Do a cooling system pressure check.

Thanks for the replies and the concern. New info on the issue… the report of coolant in the cylinders was false. I took it as word from my son and his mechanic friend.

Compression is normal. I found the #4 plug with a klinker on the hex, shorting the spark to the engine not the plug. I changed the plug and wires. it is running better but still missing, and I still get a random misfire code from the CE.

Since the problem started so abruply, I am looking for more places to look, any ideas?

Thanks for your replies

What is/are the exact error code(s) that are showing?
Are all the cylinders misfiring? Or, just specific ones?
More info would be helpful.

BTW, what’s a “klinker”?

since your son was under the hood after this, what was done under the hood before by him?

did you replace ALL the plugs?

are you sure you had the ocrrect plugs put in 5K ago?

you didn’t by any chance use the splitfire fancy plugs did you?

a klinker is a build up of stuff that forms when there is an arc. It seems like there was some arcing from the hex on the plug to the ground of the block. only showing # 1 and 4 misfire on the CE code

I checked behind him, to make sure the at all of the wires were on the right cylinders. Audi makes it easy they label the coil pack and the cylinders. All of the plugs were replaced with the plugs recommended by Audi (I checked the numbers with AutoZone) I replaced all 6 with platinum Bosch split fire plugs when as a response to all of the trouble.

Head over to ! lots of info there !

Here’s another good one

Thanks, I will check it out