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Audi 1.8T 2003 Please Help!

The check engine light is on in my 2003 Audi. I was told that it pertains to the secondary air pump. (?) Is this something that should be replaced ASAP or can I continue to drive the vehicle without creating more problems? I was also told that this was caused because there is no belly pan (?) on the vehicle? Secondly, the ABS light periodically comes on when I am driving. Does that mean that the system is not working at that time and should this be cause for concern? Thanks!!!

Well the check engine light is not likely saying to replace the secondary air pump. It should be saying this or that measurement is off and someone is assuming it is the secondary air pump. it may be, but usually there are a few other maybes.

Should you have it taken care of, YES. If you don’t that CEL will always be on and when the next warning comes up, you will have no way of knowing. It that one could be very serious, even if this one is not.

Unless someone who knows more about secondary air pumps than I do can tell you to go ahead with the replacement, I would put it off while you get the actual error code(s) (like P0123) and post it back here.

Yes, you have no ABS when that light is on. Likewise there should be a way of your car to tell you why it is lighting up that ABS light.

Go over to or Audiworld . Lots of people there familiar with VW/Audi !

Thanks! Your response was a big help!