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What are the pros and cons on using synthetic transmission fluid?

The same as the pros and cons of using synthetic oil.

Transmission fluid is one thing that I strongly recommend staying with exactly what’s specified in the owner’s manual and not deviating. I’m not a tranny guy, but my understanding from the tranny experts is that some transmissions are extremely sensitive to the use of a fluid other than that specified.

The risk is too great. Stick with the manufacturers recommendation.

I agree with MB completely on this one…Their trannies are designed for a specific fluid. Starting messing with the formula and you could be asking for trouble.

This isn’t an automatic…but same type of problem that may arise.

My 98 Pathfinder with a 5-wpeed manual called for GL4. The along comes GL5. This is supposedly compatible with GL4…It’s NOT. Some GL5 oils contain sulfur which eat away at brass, bronze or copper metals. The 98 pathfinder tranny contains some of these metals so the GL5 won’t work properly. GL5 is suppose to be a superior oil.