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ATF transmission fluid used for 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid

4 Q of ATF was used for my 150,000 miles 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid instead of 3Q of CVT when transmission fluid was changed on 12-16-2013. After driving 2 months and 1,500 miles the transmission started loud tack tack tack noise when deceleration. The car is parked and not driven now pending on the solution. Went to a Honda dealer for inspection and confirmed that wrong fluid was used and sample saved. Also confirmed the loud noise was caused by transmission. However Honda USA tech line disclosed that manufacturer did not test CVT with ATF therefore only suggested flushing the transmission with CVT. Checked on the Internet but could not find any similar case with supporting details such as what’s the symptom after using wrong type of transmission fluid. Also did anyone try flushing the transmission with CVT and if tried what’s the result. Another question is anyone replaced with an used transmission and how the cost was paid.

Appreciate any help.

If it has been confirmed that conventional transmission fluid was used rather than CVT fluid, then I’m afraid your transmission is done for. Flushing and replacing the fluid will in all likelihood not correct the damage already done, and if by some miracle it does work it’s only a band-aid and your transmission will probably not live much longer.

The shop that put the wrong fluid in owes you a used transmission with similar or fewer miles installed and serviced, at no cost to you. Simple.

Have full coverage insurance on the car? Talk to your agent.

What type of shop did this service? They owe you a transmission, as asemaster says.

It is a San Diego local shop. Not a chain store. BTW, appreciated all your feedbacks.