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Aspire front bearings

My '96 Aspire had the front bearing professionally replaced 14 months and 8,000 miles ago. They are shot already. The first set lasted 44,000 miles. Should parts and labor be warranted for this? It seems ridiculous that I should have to pay another $580 for bearings so soon.

All you can do is check with the professionals who replaced your bearings. Did they use new bearings? Were they properly lubricated? Did you keep the paperwork? There may be an underlying cause for the failure of the bearings like front end damage or misalignment. Sticking brakes can also heat up and destroy bearings. It’s just conjecture at this point because we can’t see or touch the vehicle. I think you should take the vehicle to a good mechanic to get a second opinion.

Most shops warranty parts and labor on these kind of things for 12 months, so it will most definitely be out of warranty. Sometimes you just end up with lousy parts that don’t last long. I know I have. Your Aspire uses sealed, permanently lubricated hub assemblies on the front, and they are subject to a lot of stress. I have had the same thing happen on one of my cars. When I had one wear out in a year, I used a different supplier. You might try going back to where you had them replaced last year and see if they will give you a good will discount and try a different supplier. I suggest either CarQuest or NAPA for a supplier of these parts based on personal experience.


Thanks so much for the help with the Aspire. Much appreciated.


Thanks so much for the help with the Aspire. Much appreciated.