Asking directions.. and following them

Asking directions topic on Saturday Sept 3rd. OK, am I really that out of the box in thinking that the guy’s solution is… gasp… a pencil and pad of paper?? (He’s clearly not a GPS type) I’ll explain it step by step: The person gives step 1 of directions , the guy writes it down. The person gives step 2, the guy writes that down and so forth. Wondering how many women thought of this solution?
When he first called I thought it was going to be a real problem like how some people give directions, " It’s the 3rd right after the old red barn…" Then you drive along and there is either no barn ( it burned down last year and they forgot) or there are 5 old barns (they don’t think of the 4 of them as old)

Exactly what I was thinking too. Pen & paper works wonders sometimes.

Nothing wrong with pen and paper. They are very effective if one can comprehend and transfer in writing. GPS’s are over rated, meaning I meet plenty of people who turn on the unit to go to work or go down the interstate 50 miles. Need a GPS to go to work? Give me a break.

I might get a GPS for our next vaca which would be about 1500 miles but otherwise it’s not needed.

I hear what your saying about poor directions. I had a job in which I drove about 750 miles a week in rural areas. It was always “turn at the grain bin” but I always found my destination w/out one.

You haven’t lived until you’ve asked directions here in Phoenix. Everything is stated in terms of “what used to be there”. So if the directions you’re getting tell you to “turn left just past where Entz-White was”, you’re in trouble unless you’ve been living here since at least 1983.

I know what you mean. I worked with a guy who had been a city bus driver. He seemed to give all directions in the form of “you know where the old bus barn was?”.

I remember getting directions from a lady in a small two cow town in central Illinois. She said turn at the Dairy Queen. OK, simple enough, right? The DQ had not been a DQ for 25 years, it was abandoned. And to top it off this was the old white building with blue trim. You gen x’s & y’s have never seen those. SHEESH!