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Art imitates life

Auto Mechanic

a poem by Joseph, age 12

I found out what your problem is,

Your suspension brace has snapped.

Your brakes have all liquefied,

And your differential?s shot.

The oil pan is missing fifteen bolts,

And your transmission?s out of luck.

Your coolant feed is slashed right open,

And your fuel line is in a knot.

And what I found in your cooling fan,

Were the antlers of a buck.

And the timing belt was thrown around,

And on the camshaft it was caught.

Your oil pump split in two,

And spewed lubricant all amok.

The battery?s just ?bout dead,

And only has about a watt.

The turbo charger is full of sand,

And it all comes up to thirty grand.

Good Job, Joseph !

Art imitates life” I’m sure that this is a good rendition of just what it sounds like when a mechanic tells a nonmechanically-inclined car owner that their car needs repair work.

We have those folks coming here for help and have to ask them for more accurate details when their post sounds similar in many ways, to your poem.

Keep writing. I wish you more success.


I like it! Keep writing, Joseph.

I think some one just posted that a shop told them this…

Very close to the theme in Alan Jackson’s ‘Talkin’ repair shop blues’.

. . . and probably 1,000 other odes, professional and amateur, to fast-talking mechanics.

It’d be interesting to see how far back in the history of the automobile, and automotive servicing, did such subject matter enter into song.

( just how soon in the the life cycle of cars did servicing personel begin these schemes and tricks to the point of it being so prevelant as to get written in to americana. )