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Are we getting shafted with this trade in?

woops I accidentally posted this in the the repair forum… so I am going to repost it here. I hope that is ok to do.

I appreciate everyone’s input from my earlier question… thank you all !

So we are in negotiations for the subaru Outback and we have an agreed upon price that seems to be the lowest quote I am getting. After doing some research on consumer reports, edmunds, etc. and taking into account the 2000 cash back and invoice amounts listed (not sure how accurate these really are), it seems like we are getting a decent deal. I am certainly not trying to keep them from not making any profit…but I do want the best deal I can get. I have emailed numerous dealerships and so far no one can beat it and one dealership told me i better run and get it at the other dealership for the price we got before it is gone…so hopefully the deal is decent.

Anyway… regarding the trade… we are trying to trade our golf GLS which is automatic with 118,000 miles. It runs great with no mechanical problems, even the dealership said they thought it ran great when they evaluated it. The only issue is a small dent on the drivers side door. It is more of a deep scratch from a car brushing against it. Someone pulling out of a parking space at my husbands office did this and we couldn’t find out who did it… we never fixed it. The dealership actually said it wasn’t a big deal, shockingly, because we thought they would really try to use that as the reason to negotiate our price down. They actually said it would cost only a couple hundred to fix it.

Anyway…they initially offered 2,500 for the car… and we went back to them and said we expected a minimum of 3,000. Bad idea I guess I should said something higher to finally get to 3,000. Well the most they say they will give us now is 2,750 (meeting us half way supposedly).

I am frustrated because Kelly blue book… said 2800 would be if it was in “fair” condition and i think it listed 3500 for good condition. Nada yellow guide said 3350 for a rough trade in. $4175 for an average trade in. 4850 for clean trade… with the retail being 6300.

When I go to, I am seeing similar cars with asking prices in the 5-6k range.

We didn’t want to try and sell it ourselves due to the hassle and the dent… but we also don’t want to give it away. It runs well, but probably will need some expensive maintenance soon.

I know how dealers try to make their money back when you get the car price to where you want it by negotiating the trade lower.

Do people really think the KBB really displays typical trade in values? Why are the nada guides higher?

Would we be foolish to let the car go for 2750? We are kind of bummed out about this.

Thanks again