Are OPTIMA YELLOWTOP Batteries the best?



I’m asking. My car is a 2007 Corolla CE and has 42,000 miles (About 3 years old now.)

I probably have another 2 years on the ole’ OEM battery.

I don’t know much about car batteries–question is, what are the best battery brands? I heard someone said OPTIMA’s are the best. They’re about 200 dollars on Amazon (about twice the cost of OEM.)


I have a red top and it costs less. About $149 when all is paid for. I know it’s expensive but I’m not walking. Yes, they are so much better in some ways that don’t really count for all of us. If you crack it, just tape over it. My old one was getting tired so I had to go wild. Who knows, it might make a difference if I want to sell the truck. Pick the vehicle with the Optima and impress the gear heads.


As noted they are better IN SOME WAYS, but not all. For most drivers they are not worth the cost and OEM batteries are the best value and offer very good reliability for your use.

The exception would be for those who have to work under extreme heat and vibration. That would more more than usually found in a car. Think Death Valley.


Consumers Reports does a good review of automotive batteries every few years. Their most recent was in their Nov 2009 issue.

OPTIMA batteries got very good ratings, but so did many far less expensive batteries.


The yellow top optima batteries are deep cycle batteries. A good choice if your have tons of electrical accessories, like a winch for example. The red top is a conventional car battery. In an ordinary econobox like a 07 Corrolla, you’ll never see the benefit of the optima. Where they shine is in their resistance to vibration damage and the fact they are totally sealed and can be mounted in places that a conventional battery cannot. They are quite popular among the off-roading set for those reasons. But in a normal car, you’d be better off with a regular battery for less than half the cost.


I remember the Consumer Reports review on batteries. I remember many of the Napa brand of batteries did very well in their test. It sold me and I put a Napa battery in my Mazda Protege last summer. So far so good.


Consumer Reports tests batteries for maybe an hour…How they are doing 4 years from now they have not a clue…But that’s what counts. I would call the Optima a special purpose battery. Putting one in a Corolla is a waste of money…Most stores sell a 3 year and a 5 year battery. By the 5 year and drive on…


Remember the WalMart Maxx batteries. Highly reliable and good cold cranking amps (CCA)all their life. Right now about $65 afer exchange of your old battery. Good replacement policy with WalMart, as well. Been using them for quite a few years (about 6) and they are still cranking very strong, especially in Winter temps after sitting out at work all day in below freezing winds. Great prices and great reliability. And some WalMart Supercenters that have car service will install the new battery for you.