Anyone know what these headlights are on a BMW E30 chassis?

The ones with the black center as appear in this video. Can’t seem to find a lead on exactly what they are or where one would get them. Any ideas?

Here’s the video:

If you look at the license plates, this video is from Europe. And what happens in Europe doesn’t happen here.

The United States Department Of Transportation or DOT dictates the how head-lights/tail-lights should perform. If you look on the lenses you’ll see a DOT approval.

So until they meet DOT approval, you can’t buy them in the states.


I did notice the foreign tags, but did not know that they were not DOT approved. In fact, I couldn’t find any information about them which is why I asked. I chocked it up to having something to do with a particular aged style of car and that car being up there in years. Oh well, I was conflicted about wanting them anyway but thought it might be an interesting alternative.

You have to admit though, they do look a little bad-ass don’t they?

Uhhh… @Tester: Maybe not so fast… I did a little more Googling and for the benefit of anyone else that might go looking it appears that these headlights are in fact DOT approved. You can find them by googling “BMW E30 Angel Eyes” and looking around from there.

This link should be good for a least a little while:

Most importantly, if you scroll to the bottom of the page you can in fact see that the manufacturer states they are DOT approved.

Now, big question for me is clocking in at about 370 all over the place, should I do it? Answer? Maybe…

To be honest, I’d love a more interesting solution for the fog lights mounted on the bottom of the bumper. They just seem a little tacked on.

Look like a variation of my fav lights in the world…“Angel Eyes”…But they arent normal Angels…the center is bigger or more pronounced, hard for me to tell…Are you familiar with BMW’s? Post this in the BimmerForum and they will tell you…they can prob source them for you too.

To me they look like Phony Angels…They seem to be a projector type of lens in the middle of an illuminated outer ring…now REAL Angels dont have an illuminated ring…their ring is created by a sort of Eclipse type of reflection/effect of the center blocker…Real Angels are beautiful…and still expensive…

Yeah I just looked at the link…they are exactly what I thought I saw in the pic provided…phony Angels…prob the only way to get this effect on an E30 to be honest…I believe the real Angels may not have ever been on an E30…they came out a little later maybe?

I have an E36 Cabrio meself…with pretty eyes too


MCBMW —To be honest, I'd love a more interesting solution for the fog lights mounted on the bottom of the bumper. They just seem a little tacked on.
They are OEM fogs that came with the car. I own a white 1991 BMW E30 with M42 engine, two-door coupe.

Mechaniker …I think he is talking abt those OLD style fogs he might have…like on an 85 735i…they WERE Bosch fogs attached to the bottom of/hang off of the STEEL bumper…He prob doesn’t have the front air dam to nestle the fogs into…those are different lights anywho…

BTW MCBMW…I HAVE that front air dam that will allow you to install the fogs into…its in my garage somewhere… I don’t have a use for it anymore…Hmm, hmmm…???


@Mechaniker: Yeah, they just seem a little mud-truck-ish the way that they hang off the bumper, so I’d maybe want to do something a little different in that area…

@Blackbird: The air dam eh? Very interesting idea… very interesting indeed. That might be just the thing. Let me consider it and get back to you. Just sucks that I think I’ll have to paint it before I get a chance to get something like that.

BTW, with the black paint job and the angel eyes lights I need to be careful of giving the impression that I’m trying to “murder out” the car like the one in the video above. Not a big fan of that look.

FLAT BLACK bro… Even on a white car…sometimes looks great

No flat black for this car! I like flat black on curvier cars, older Chevys, I even saw a VW Beetle in flat black that looked bad ass, but on a more squared off car like this one I thing gloss paint jobs look more appropriate. In general, I just don’t think BMWs look right in anything other than the gloss jet black you see pretty frequently.

Often BMW skirts and front lips ARE in flat black…but whatever you like…its your ride.

Hmmm… that air dam might be best in flat black now that you mention it. The only thing I’m not sure if I like about it is that it starts to take on a little of that “check out my Honda Civic with ground effects, neon lights, and loud exhaust… Oh the hood? Don’t worry about that it’s just primed I’m getting ready to put in a scoop” thing. I really don’t know how I feel about that look.

BTW Blackbird. I’ve been noticing as I look around that the fog lights appear to be positioned differently on the versions without the air dam. I wouldn’t run into any problems there would I?