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I recently noticed my temperature gage was on hot, I then let it cool down and put antifreeze 50/50 in it and took it to my mechanic, well he did the same think, only he let it idle and no problem, the minute he took it out to drive it, about 2 miles it was getting hot again. He does not seem to know what is wrong, the antifreeze goes somewhere when dirving. He said he was going to check with another mechanic about air in the head gasket. I am at a panic stage here, can you fix a head gasket, I am thinking I need to go to another mechanic.

Yes, you need another mechanic, one qualified to work on cars.

thankyou that was resourceful information

This sounds like a bad head gasket, but there are tests to determine this for sure. Don’t guess, have the cooling system and the engine tested for a head gasket leak.

A leaking head gasket can be repaired, but it’s an expensive job, which is why you want to be absolutely sure the head gasket is the problem.

And, yes, find another mechanic.

A cooling system pressure tester is indispensable. One that will fit, almost, any car will cost about $130; but, it’s well worth it.
He needs to pressure test the cooling system, look at spark plugs, look at the coolant for signs of oil, look at the oil for signs of coolant, and look at the automatic transmission dipstick for coolant froth.
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