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Any recommendations on a code reader?

Any recommendations on a code reader? Amazon reviews seem to like the Autel Maxi Scan:


Looks good for the money. I use a similar low cost model from Harbor Freight Tools.

Wal-Mart has the Innova for about $98. All of the testers have lengthy instructions but you only have to read the instructions written in your language. I couldn’t read or understand any of the instructions because my language only has four letters in every word. What’s a syllable?

Recently, my brother bought a CodeKey code reader at Costco, for ~$35.
He reports that he is very happy with the device.

The same product can also be found at auto parts stores for more money.
O’Reilly/Kragen sells it for $49.95.

I Have Used An Actron Pocket Scan. They Work Well For Reading Codes And Turning Off The Car’s MIL. Sears Has Them At About 50 Bucks.