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Any radiator caps made in USA?

What brands / manufacturers make a “standard” radiator cap as a replacement part that is made in the USA?

I need to replace my radiator cap (standard car - Nissan Altima 3.5 SE, 6-cyl), but I am interested in replacing it with one made in the USA.


Stant, Gates and Motorad make caps for your car. None list where they are made on RockAuto at lesst. Likely they are made both in US plants and other locations around the world.

I’d suggest going to an auto parts store and tell them what you want and look at the “made in” label on the box.


Anyone know for sure who makes a radiator cap in the USA? I’ve been to a few auto part stores, and all of them I have seen are made in Mexico. Cannot find a retailer near me who sells Stant, Gates or Motorad, so I cannot check in person.


Then just order one from RockAuto,2009,altima,3.5l+v6,1443140,cooling+system,radiator+cap,2068


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Stant and Gates both make about 85% of their caps in the US per their website. Motorad doesn’t say but they have plants in the US and Mexico as well as Europe.

If you order from RockAuto, you may need to order all 3 and you may still not get a made in the US. You may order a second time and actually get one made in the US. Or they may not make one for your US built Japanese car in the states. Stop by the Nissan dealer and see if they have one made in the US.

Good Luck, obviously your search won’t be easy.

Or you may get one that says Made in USA on the box and Made in China on the cellophane wrapper inside. That was the case with a Raybestos brake part I bought from Rock Auto.

I am sorry to hear that! How unfair.

Mary26 , buying things made in the USA is a good idea but almost impossible for some things . A radiator cap just does not seem like something to really obsess over. You are driving a vehicle with an import name badge anyway.


For radiator caps my fave is one from an auto recycling yard off the exact model of engine I have. If that’s not good, then an OEM from the dealer. But to find country of origin, nothing beats looking at what your dealer or local parts place can show you.


I wonder if a vehicle manufacturer in the US is going to order their radiator/gas caps from a factory overseas, or from the one down the road?


That down the road could very well be Canada or Mexico.

Agreed hard to find USA parts, but I am taking some time to look because I want to support local manufacturers if I can. I always look for made in USA regardless of what I buy, and I’m flattered you think that’s an obsession. Wish I could infect everyone with a conscious.

I am conscious about 16 hours a day and strive to have a conscience always.


Shanonia I can tell! I was replying to the comment by Volvo, who mentioned I was “obsessing” over a radiator cap made in the USA when I drive a car designed in Japan and probably manufactured all over the world! By the way, I appreciate your idea about going to the junkyard! Even better than made new is used!

Mustangman - Thanks! I was checking out Stant for that reason, but I could not find a place that sells it local to check (or purchase). Someone on Amazon commented there was a different country of manufacture.

Speaking of U.S. made parts, I had to replace a rear dual filament bulb on the 2011 Sienna I used to own. Two national auto parts chains–Autozone and Advanced didn’t have the bulb–they had sold out and hadn’t restocked. I went to Walmart and the correct bulb was in stock. The bulb was made in the USA by Sylvania. When I removed the original equipment bulb from the Sienna, it was a Sylvania bulb made in the USA.


Have you tried a Nissan dealer? You will get OEM Nissan parts there. Wile the car was assembled in either Tennessee or Mississippi, the radiator cap may not have been made in the USA. The manufacturer location may be on the box, though, and it seems like you have your best chance of finding Made in USA on Nissan parts.

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Thanks JTSanders I am going to check with them. Someone else also mentioned that on this thread.

Triedaq - interesting! Actually I spoke with the Nissan dealer on the phone, and Nissan is starting to offer their own line of lower priced replacement parts to start competing with the likes of Autozone and Advanced (to try to get more people to go to the dealership for repairs), and he was saying those are not exactly OEM but Nissan “approved”. Blurring the lines!

Also Volvo, even though the car is an import brand name, for the record I bought it used from a private party almost 10 years ago. I was shopping for a Dodge, but I happened to see that one too.

Nissan also builds Altima in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Russia. Maybe that’s why thepartsareless expensive.