Any info on this antique?

Hello, I’m trying to get information on a 1968 International 1600 Loadstar 3-horse van with Imperator box. It has 2 axles, 4-speed gas engine, 66K original miles. Are these hard to find parts for and get service on? Apparently, it runs great and has passed inspection. What kind of service station would work on such a vehicle? Any info is appreciated!! Thank you!

Should not be a problem, International used alot of ford and chevy parts.
If a part goes bad take it off and go to parts store, make sure you find someone who knows what they are doing.
You do not want 18 yr old who never been under a hood!
As far as fixing it a trans,choke cable,water pump is like any other truck so any good repair person will work.

Thank you so much!