Any idea for my CheckEngineLight OBDII codes:P0446/P0442

Corolla 2002,auto transmission, 54K miles in upstate NY, No sympton.

auto scanner Actron CP9175,

Read codes: P0446 P0442 P0446

Codes lookup:

Evaporative emission control system vent control circuit fault op,

Evaporative emission control system leak detected, small leak.

I/M Monitors Since DTCs Cleared: Fuel system monitor OK, Comp component OK, Catalyst mon OK, Htd catalyst n/a, Evap system mon OK, Sec air system n/a, A/C refrig mon n/a, Oxygen sens mon OK, Oxygen sens Htr OK,EGR system mon n/a

View freeze data: DTC that caused freeze frame P0446

Engine RPM 1547 RPM, Load value 35.2%, Coolant Temp 181 F, Intake air temp 62F Short term fuel trim 1 3.1%

Long term fuel trim 1 -3.4%,

Short term fuel trim3 -100.6%

Long term fuel trim3 -100.6%, Vehicle speed 36MPH

Fuel system1 CLSD, Fuel system2 N/A

Action taken: Replaced with original new Toyota gas cap, Engine oil replaced, DTC cleared. Appreciate your idea !

Check the vacuum lines around the intake manifold and evap system for signs of cracking, splitting, and rot. This is kind of early for such problems, but not too uncommon. Also, check the charcoal canister for damage, line breaks and cracks in the body and vacuum line ports. On a lot of these cars, they are located under the car near the gas tank, and can be damaged by rocks and stuff getting kicked up by the tires.

I had a couple of cars come in this last month with similar problems. $20 worth of hoses and clamps seems to have corrected the problem.