Any car wash advise?

I’m considering this foam cannon on amazon
The question is is this product can be trust? Cus in local store the similar one sells for $50…
Anyone bought this before?

Works great if you want to give your car a bubble bath, but not so good if you want to have a clean car.

My son gave me one of those things and it simply a waste of money spent. Using a sponge and regular Dawn soap (or a car wash cleaner) will do just fine.

Did you not see the reviews ? Do you not wonder how a 17.00 dollar item can have ten 5 star ratings ? Save your money and just wash your car like the rest of us with a bucket of water and car washing soap .

Dawn is actually pretty bad choice for washing your car, with the sole exception being to strip the existing coat of wax or sealant off in preparation for a new coat. Likewise sponges are not ideal either as they tend to trap (and not release) loose bits of dirt which stay on the sponge and scratch your paint as you wash.


I use the MTM PF22. It’s one of the nicer foam cannons around, it’s also not cheap. A cheap/generic foam cannon with an uprated orifice actually does about as well as the higher end foam cannons. Foam cannon performance is also heavily dependent on the type of pressure washer. Ideally you want 3500 psi and at least 3 gallons a minute in order to get lots of foam. Most electric (120V) pressure washers won’t get you that kind of pressure or flow rate, some 220V models do, but few people buy those as you need to have a 220v outlet handy when you need to use it.

Gas pressure washers tend to do noticeably better. I have a Karcher 4000 psi with a Honda engine. It’s overkill for what I use it for, but it is handy to have around.

But one of my friend told me that basically nearlly 60% of foam cannons are made in China so maybe they have similar quality? The one I saw in local store looks just like the same as this one on amazon.

Then buy the one from Amazon.

Yeah im gna try this one XD. I can return it if I’m not satisfied with it. Whats the loss!