Antifreeze smell



Minor antifreeze smell, minor oil seeping near intake gastket area, new thermostat recently, no check engine lights, no overheating, heat works fine. Is mymechanic right in saying I need a new intake gasket?


Well, that engine does have a history of intake manifold gasket problems, so his assessment is likely to be correct.


The only way to know is to have the cooling system pressure tested.


i had the same problem with my 2004 Buick Lesabre. coolant smell. i hated the smell. my mechanic pressure tested it, and it leaked slightly. it didn’t leak a lot but it doesn’t take a lot for it to smell. every month i would put in a tiny bit in the fill tank, but the smell got the best of me. i didn’t want this to get worse —it could end up in the engine. i think it cost me around 250 to 300 to get it done. i can’t remember the exact cost because i had two new tires put on---- everything is now fine — i sleep a little better now —best of luck in your decision