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Antifreeze in transmission

My 03 MB CLK320 with 75,000 miles had antifreeze in the transmission as a result of a faulty radiator. It ruined the torque converter. Online research shows many 03 Mercedes with the same problem. I say its a design/mfg flaw and MB should take care of the problem. MB service told me I should have changed the antifreeze at 60k miles however the book recommends 150k! Is there a way to get MB to take some ownership?

Ruined the torque converter??? Not even close. It has ruined the transmission!!! Dont let them tell you that the transmission is ok and they will just flush it out. Engine coolant WILL destroy a transmission. It IS already damaged, whats going to happen is that the friction material on the clutches and bands will come off and trash the pan, get into the pump and valve body and cause the transmission to fail completely. Not likely they are going to help you with this being out of warranty. You might have found some MB owners having radiator issues but unless MB has put out some kind of recall or service bulletin saying that they are aware of a problem, you are going to have a repair bill on your hands.


I don’t know if you can get MB to pay up, but I would not bet on it if it is out of warranty.

Note: when the dealer advice conflicts with the owner’s manual the owner’s manual wins 98% of the time.

Sounds like time to dump it. Last MB I will ever own.