Antifreeze flush, was it done or not?

How can I tell if an actual antifreeze flush was done on my 1996 Tacoma? I authorized a thermostat installation (at a national chain brake & shock shop) - Nine months before, I had the radiator replaced at the local Toyota dealership that use Toyota red colored antifreeze. All this nice new antifreeze had to be flushed when the thermostat was installed by the local Monroe Brake & Shock. Two weeks after the flush, I noticed the reserve tank had red antifreeze and when I checked the radiator, it also had red antifreeze. I went back to Monroe and asked the manager what color antifreeze was used in my truck - the answer was “yellowish”. I asked about the red antifreeze in the reserve tank and I was told it the reserve tank doesn’t get flsuhed. When I mentioned there was red antifreeze in the radiator also, the manager said: “Not all the old antifreeze can be removed by flushing…I can see where you are taking this…” He showed me a sealed barrel of the one type of “universally compatible” antifreeze Monroe uses, he pointed to a letter “K” on the barrel and said: He added, “This is chameleon antifreeze” as though it would take on the color of any antifreeze mixed with it. Was I charged $100+ for a flush that was never done?

Doesn’t sound like it was flushed. A flush does in fact change ALL of the coolant. And there is no such thing as “chameleon” coolant!!! That is hilarious, in a sickening kind of way. So yeah you were probably charged for a service that was never done. If it’s only been two weeks I’d have them actually look at the coolant in the vehicle and get your money back. And, don’t let them flush your nice Toyota red coolant with yellow or green or anything else, stick with Toyota red. Many independent Japanese shops will do a flush with red coolant if you want them too. Although if your coolant is still nice looking there isn’t any reason to have it done. So, go get your money back!

I’m surprised the dealer didn’t sell you a new thermostat and hoses when they replaced your radiator. That’s how I would have done it.

When someone tries to lie their way out of a situation, they should at least be good at it. That guy isn’t good at it.

First, the coolant exchange machine exchanges ALL the coolant. Second, the exchange machine has a small tube that’s inserted into the coolant reservior to suck out the old coolant so new coolant can be added.

I would go back and demand a refund for a service that wasn’t performed.


Some antifreeze when mixed will jell up and you will over heat.
You need to tell them you need the correct fluid for your model and ALL of old needs to be flushed out.Tell them since they lied to you you need to stand just outside of door and watch.
Tell them if you are not satisfied you will go up the ladder as far as needed and call BBT.
Do not go to these kind of places again!!!

$100 for a cooling system flush? That’s outrageous whether they actually did it or not.

In your case, I’d say they didn’t do it. Antifreeze does not change color to match what was in there before, and a GOOD flush will get all of the old coolant out.

You are, in my opinion, entitled to a refund.

You should also reconsider where you take your vehicle for service. Try to find a REAL mechanic, not a chain store.

It’s to late to help you,but we contributors here at CT must keep trying to inform and warn the public about all the “flush” scams.

It is part of the job to clean out the resivoir

When it comes to coolant I support the "drop and fill"technique.

Thank you for all your responses, “K” chameleon coolant is absurd. To make matters worse, instead of my usual 3,000 mile/$20 oil change, I was charged $40+ for high mileage vehicle synthetic blend and an overpriced filter, raising the total to $228 for a new thermostat and oil change. My old truck had been a good source of income for this shop for the last 6 years but they will never see me again.