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Anti-theft/immobilizer shutting car down WHILE IM DRIVING

Hope someone out there is familiar with this issue.

A couple of weeks ago, my car shut down while I was driving. The “immobiliser” light blinked when it did. Apparently, that’s the car’s anti-theft system.

I was able to re-start the car but within a few minutes, the immobiliser light would blink on again, and then off. When it blinked on, the car lost traction in gear. The RPMs shot up but the car slowed down. When the light blinked off, the car immediately caught gear and lurched foward. This happened a few times before I pulled over and got a tow.

Two mechanics have already looked at the car and found nothing wrong. On their advice, I began driving again. Needless to say, the problem recurred.

The car is now at a third mechanic who thinks the timing belt is the culprit. He wants to charge 1100.

Does any of this make any sense?

The timing belt??? Find another mechanic…no way no how could the timing belt have anything to do with this. If he’s actually saying that he should be arrested for impersonating a mechanic.

Sounds like you need to replace or at the very least disable the anti-theft system.

i would go in the other direction of disabling the anti-theft feature by first obtain a diagram of the system and then disconnecting the output that controls the light and the throttle. If that does not correct the problem then go further back to the source of the control, probably a relay and disconnect that. You soon should find the defective part and i am guessing it is an input signalling device that is faulty. If you want to go to a mechanic, find one who has knowledge of your car and the anti-theft device, if they don’t have that knowledge, keep going until you find one that does. Also try going to the web and enter your car type and the words “anti-theft” , you’ll be surprised on the options available to you. Good Luck Rob Kollar

Which Model-Year Is This Mazda 626 ?


It’s the 2001 Mazda 626 LX.

It’s frustrating because the car is currently at the dealership mechanic. I figured if anyone would be able to fix it, they would. But no dice.