Anti Theft alarm goes on


Hi. I have a 2000 BMW 528i 4dr sedan. The anti-theft alarm on it has a mind of its own. It just keeps going on every now and then and sometimes works fine. Its kind of erratic. What do i do?? Is it an electronic problem??

Also when I engage the reverse gear the passenger side rear view mirror moves on its own. This happens when the mirror adjustment selector is on kept on the driver side rear view mirror

some cars automatically dip the passenger mirror when you put it in reverse as an aide to parallel parking. That’s probably what your car is doing.

As far as the alarm, do you mean it’s going off while it’s sitting, or while you’re driving? If it’s while its sitting, does it have a shock sensor? Those can go off if an animal jumps on the car, or in response to a loud noise, like a backfire, jackhammer, or fireworks.

If it’s while you’re driving, first check your battery. Sometimes alarm computers can get a little freaked out if the battery voltage is too low, and then they do strange things.