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Anti-lock Brakes turn on in parking lot doing right turn

1987 Lincoln Mark VII w/135000. The burning rock tire co replaced my front brakes with lifetime warranty. After the repair, there was a scrapping sound when turning the wheel at 50mph. They took the car back and said they adjusted the ABS ring on the Rotor(with a hammer). Since then my anti lock brakes activate when right turning into a parking lot with my foot lightly on the brake. What can I do. The tire co refused to honor the warranty and they want to charge me $150 to diagnose the problem. Two other shops(for no charge) said I have a bad right front wheel bearring and one also said I have a bad ball joint. Can this cause my problem. I returned to the tire co and they said neither the ball joint or wheel bearring is bad. What should I do?

Well, I surely wouldn’t use that tire company. Find a good independent mechanic. A bad (now bent) ring can cause this issue, and so can a really bad wheel bearing. A bad ball joint wouldn’t cause an ABS problem, but you still might have one (along with the other problem).

I agree. The exciter ring was the first thing that popped into my mind too. It’s amazing what a hammer in the wrong hands can do.