Another Reused Puzzler

This week’s puzzler is from May 8, 2004.

Maybe you meant to type “another bogus puzzler”,since there is not an entry for May 8, 2004. Much like last week’s rope and pole one, I suspect this answer is going to be booooogus.

Last week’s rope and pole puzzler, to use your n0m3nc|@tu4e, wasn’t bogus. I embarrassed myself on it, but it wasn’t bogus.

As to the date of the puzzler’s original(?) appearance, not every event in the universe is documented on this website. Not even every event on the show.

===== But still, I misread the website where I found it, so as far as I know I was wrong about it being a rerun… feeling pretty stupid these days.

The solution that would be bogus would be to place the weights on the scale one at a time, checking the weight each time; that would be 7 weighings, not one.

Prediction: the solution will be numerical, and there will be an easy way to generate it. I think I know what the solution consists of, but haven’t figured out the easy way to get to it.

Maybe you meant to type "another bogus puzzler",since there is not an entry for May 8, 2004.
Interesting then that a quick Google search revealed a discussion board on a programming website from May of 2004 talking about this very puzzler. The answer someone proposed there was the one I came up with after 30 seconds or so of thinking about it. It's not bogus at all, just requires a little simple mathematical reasoning.

This puzzle had at least one other answer than the binary series Ray used (1,2,4,8 etc)

1,3,5,11,21,43,85 also works