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Another GM 3.1 Liter Engine Means Another Intake Manifold Gasket Coolant Leak

Mr. Barky , now you know why I was dropped from the High School Marching Band .


LOL… The other left…
Yes actually I was aware of the date I was just commenting…,…
If that is frowned upon here I will refrain from doing so but it’s just for future reference and future reading.
Let me know please thanks

No worries.

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Actually I just picked up a 2001 Grand Prix with the 3.1 l motor.
It only has 103,000 mi on it and it has pretty good bones real solid for the year and the part of the country we live in. (Wheeling West Virginia area)
There was a time as soon as it warms up I would have went ahead and just got my parts and changed the lower intake manifold gasket for preventive maintenance,
But right now I have no place to work and my tools are all in storage so I guess I will just keep a close eye on the oil for any sign of coolant it is nice and clean at the moment.
I may change my coolant this winter.
Heck, my research indicates the lower intake manifold on those motors could have went out at circa 30,000 MI, circa 60,000 MI,
For that matter it may have been changed already.
I will see if I can see any telltale signs of a new upper intake manifold gasket I know on my 3.4 Alero motor you could see that the upper intake manifold gasket was new, and the previous owner had told me that the lower intake was already done.
I will have to see if I see any evidence of it on this motor.