Another couple of dumb problems



Vehicle is a 1992 Dodge B350 van with the 5.9 liter v-8.

Tried to pull the PCV valve out of the valve cover and the thing will not come out. I’ve pulled, yanked, twisted, pried, wiggled it, and nothing works. It will come out about 2 millimeters and that is it. It will twist aroundd freely, but it will not come up and out. I guess I could really horse on it with a pry bar, but with my luck the thing will break in two, with the lower half falling down under the valve cover. I’d really like to avoid having to otherwise unnecessarily remove the valve cover.

Same deal with the crankcase inlet air cleaner housing on the other valve cover. It will wiggle and rotate in place, but it Will. Not. Come. Out. Again I could pry on it with a pry bar, but I am concerned I am going to warp or dent my valve cover.

Any ideas?


I’m still waiting for the dumb questions. Where are they? Well, OK, your other questions: “Why don’t these thing come out?” From heat and age, rubber hardens. For those parts to come out, the rubber needs to stretch, which it’s not going to do. Think of the rubber grommets as hard plastic. If you can use something to break this “hard plastic” grommet, you can break them, and then, the parts will come out. You need rubber grommet replacements (from, maybe, a car dealer, if not from an auto parts store.).


:slight_smile: Hey thanks. In all likelihood I’ll end up taking at least one of the valve covers off (cuz that pvc valve is gonna break and fall into the valve cover cavity, I know it), but the gaskets are a bit leaky anyway so maybe that is not such a bad thing.


You should - as hellokit noted - be able to get the grommet out without dropping anything in. And then the valve should come out as well.


Oh, I see. Thanks.

On the other hand, with my luck…

Seriously, will give it a try.