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Another answer to mystery of starting car

Good morning from Alaska!

I’m up and grandma’s house listening to your show, and the question from the woman who purchased the car from Fargo, but lives in Pennsylvania. She was mystified because the car starts on it’s own.

I liked your answer about the remote control, and I wanted to add, that up here in Alaska, many of us also have remote controls that can be programed to automatically start the car when the thermostat drops to a preset temperature.

You can see cars in parking hum to a low idle, to keep the engine warm.

Just a thought. Have a great day !!

Good info. I hope this information gets back to the lady.
I lived in North Dakota and it definitely gets cold enough to make the installation of one of these starters a good possibility.

Here’s another vote for Rhonda’s idea. I lived in Alaska for years and had the same feature enabled on my remote starter. The temperature threshold and run times were programmable via the remote (I understand the caller’s remote is someplace unknown) but if it doesn’t get cold enough in NE PA to need this, perhaps a dealer could just shut it off for her, or at least reprogram it to come on at a colder temp, so she doesn’t come out to a dead battery or oil that’s too cold to turn some cold wintery day.