Android Auto for 2017 Volvo XC 60

My mom has a Volvo XC 60.

I was going to buy her a dash mount that has Android Auto, but they appear to be lower quality than actual radios you install.

Is it possible to install a radio with Android Auto on this model? I’m finding conflicting information online.

A visit to an automobile audio shop will give you the best information, IMHO.
Perhaps even a phone call to one or two shops can give you the info that you want.

For this I would go to the actual Android Auto web site . They have a list of vehicles that are compatible . Or have a good auto sound shop install something that really works like it should.

I called Volvo and they said that it isn’t possible. So it looks like there is a dash mount that connects to the car through a mono aux cable or FM radio.

But I saw this - what do you all think of this. I don’t understand how it works

Check with


Do you really want to buy something from a China based retailer that only sells online that you don’t understand . What if you choose something that your mother does not like and that Volvo might still be under the factory warranty ( you don’t want to void that ). Take your mother to a good auto sound shop and she can see the products to see if they are what she wants.

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You have to take apart the console to install, and even the latest version of the software it’s nowhere near as easy to use and integrated as Volvo’s effort for the 2018 Model Year. At least from the Volvo owner’s who’ve tried it.

I have purchased replacement head units from in the past. I looked up your vehicle. They do not recommend changing the radio.

Are OEM audio systems in today’s vehicles even a standard size like DIN or double DIN so that aftermarket units will fit? The infotainment center screens seem to be custom sized for each vehicle.

All different shapes and sizes to suit the styling of the instrument panel.

Size isn’t the problem, audio receivers are integrated with other systems in the vehicle and computer network. Remove the factory radio and disable all of the infotainment systems.

It frightens me to think of one of these stereo shops modifying a modern luxury vehicle.

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