An 89 cressida loaded down for 1000 mile raod trip. Safe?


Can my 89 Cresida make the 1000 mile jog to our new home in GA with 1000 pounds in cargo + driver?

She has 140000 miles on her straight 6 and no real mechanical issues and gets the same great feul economy she came with new :slight_smile: Minor issue is a very slow oil leak becasue of accumulating rust. The rust is creeping up over the wheel wells. We’re headed to GA, from MA, and am hoping the new climate will slow down the rust considerably.

If she can make the haul, I want to keep her. I wouldn’t worry about the car making it without the cargo, but loaded down I don’t know the consequences.

If I make the trip, are there preparation I should make other than aired up tires and fresh oil?




I forgot to mention that I’ve got AAA and I would be caravaning with our 2001 Honda Accord, with 130000 miles. So, I think I’ll be safe, but is it smart?


I would think you should be OK. Even with 1,000 pounds and only the driver, you should not be over weight.

I would suggest that you make sure the tyres are up to the pressure suggested by the manufacturer for full load or maybe a few psi higher. Check the glove box or gas filler lid for that recommendation.


One thing that made me more comfortable traveling with my '89 Corolla was the fact that I knew if anything serious goes wrong with the car I will give it away and use another mean of transportation for the rest of the trip. Now with a car that is younger you will end up staying in a roadway motel and be at the mercy of a mechanic you don’t know to fix your car.


I wouldn’t worry. If you were not taking this trip how long would it take to put 1,000 miles on the car. A week or two? A month? You would expect it to last that long, wouldn’t you? Of course you would, and it will survive the 1.000 miles GA with ease.

I don’t think you should expect the rust to slow down, however. Remember what Neil said; “Rust never sleeps.”


I’ve driven lots of older cars “cross country”. Just check your brakes, belts, hoses, repack your front wheel bearings just to be safe, and have a cell phone to call 911 or AAA. I’d go for it if it were my Cressida.

Three of my four sisters owned the same '89 Cressida at differnt stages of its life. The last one bailed out on it at about 140K. It wasn’t bad, she was just bored with it. The last time I saw it, it had 170K showing, and was on a used car lot. That was probably six years ago. All three of those sisters are still driving Toyotas. Says something for the brand. I don’t think Toyota had any idea how good they were making their cars back then. It’s a wonder any of them ever wore out so they could sell new ones.


Oh, yeah. That stuff’s alive!


Do you think you could estimate what sort of drop in feul economy I’ll experience? Currently we get about 22 mpg on the highway, but I think I’ve gotten up to 27 mpg driving it solo at least on the top half of the tank… don’t know why that top half seems to get slightly better economy but I’ve observed it with severalother cars too.

Anyhow, any guess? Curious parties want to know.


THanks for all the feed back! That really solidifies my confidence. Now to conveince the better half.


The one thing I might consider changing if it has not been done in recent memory is the fuel filter.
They’re kind of out of sight, out of mind and can cause problems at the most inopportune times.

If the vehicle runs and drives well now I think you’ll be fine with it, 1k pounds or not.
Heck, I drove a 1960 Chrysler across the country many years ago with no problems and I just bought that car for 10 bucks the day before leaving. If that tank will make it then your Toyota should also. :slight_smile: