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Amp draw & voltage issues

As a “certified specialist” my opinion counts for no more than anyone’s however recently on the show a guy with an older chevy but much newer than my 72 carryall was experiencing low battery charge in the morning only- the discussion included possible starter failure - this suggestion may work for those of you concerned about amperage draw some muti-meters a/k//a volt meters come equiped with an amperage loop which clips around the wire and measures amperage. Using this on the starter lead in the morning or when “cold iron” as we used to say in the Navy, will provide a reading that can be compared to what the normal manufacturer’s specifications [if known] are for that motor, or simply compare the amp-draw reareadings to the warmed-up second reading. The true value of this is not having to unnecessarily pull the starter and rely on visuals

some muti-meters a/k//a volt meters come equiped with an amperage loop which clips around the wire and measures amperage <<<

Just make sure it’s rated for DC amps and not AC-only.

Or, some car places have simple inexpensive meters you put up next to the battery cable to do the same thing.

Since you are a specialist I will ask you for your definition of “low battery charge”

What problem are we trying to diagnois here if any? are we just trying to explain different amp gague readings in the morning when cold and in the mid-day when warm?

I have no trouble accepting that my amp gague will show higher amp flow after a cold morning start compared to a warm engine start, the morning start lowered the batterys charge more

I would be concerned if my vehicle cranked at a normal speed when warm and cranked so slow when cold that starting was not reliable.

So set your parameters up better, state the problem you are trying to diagnois, the symptons of the problem and any voltage or amperage values you have

If a customer came to me and said “I am experiencing low battery voltage in the morning” I would have to ask what problem this was causing him, and if this low battery voltage situation was after a start-up or before the start-up and how did he know he had low battery voltage, is it simply from a momentary high charge rate, in order for me to say this is a concern of significance.