Americans seem hesitant to purchase EVs

A friend who’s been encouraging locals to buy ev’s for years switched to a 2023 Niro EV after leasing a 2020 Niro EV for 3yrs, at the time there was $10,000 of lease cash plus he had some equity when he traded the 2020 to the dealer. Right about the time Tesla did a price drop on the Model3. Wouldn’t buy a Tesla at all but he’s really happy with the Niro.

After I got a MUCH better offer on my new vehicle from another dealer, I was contacted by the saleswomen from two different dealers that I had visited earlier.

Being confident in my decision, I laid-out the details of the much better deal that I was offered (I didn’t tell them that I had already signed-off on the purchase at the third dealership), and both of them admitted that they couldn’t beat the price.

I asked both of them if they acknowledged that the other dealership beat their offer by more than $7k and both stated that they couldn’t even match it.

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Good advice, I’ll add to not go away acting like you are mad at the sales-person. Instead say “thanks for your time”, then give them your telephone number on a note, along with the price you are willing to pay, and a date; then say if they change their minds you’ll be happy to make good on that out-the-door price for the car until the date.

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I definitely exited from my face-to-face dealings with those two saleswomen on an amicable basis. However, I will admit to being a bit… agressive… with both of them when they did a follow-up contact with me via phone. It was personally pleasing to me to hear both of them admit that they couldn’t even match the $7k+ lower price from the third dealership.

One of the dealerships is part of a large chain of various luxury brands, owned by one guy whose slogan is “I tell my people that if they think anyone comes first other than my customers, think again”. What a load of horse manure.

I expect some dealerships may have hidden non-compete agreements.

Everybody has their own experiences. Sometimes we just do a fact finding visit and end up buying and other times are serious and end up leaving. We’re just trying to find that meeting of the minds with no games.

Last time we weren’t happy at all with the deal we were being offered at the dealer we had dealt with before and walked. We waited six months and went to another dealer that had promised the best in the west when we talked to her at the auto show. The deal we were offered was substantially the same or a little worse than before. Wife was ok but I walked and got a coffee etc. and came back. No change except we did get winter mats and touch up paint. So we just closed the deal. No point waiting any longer. Didn’t help that our trade was on the air bag recall and had to sit without being sold until fixed.

Sometimes you just play it by ear but I think you are kidding yourself if you think you will get good dealers down on their knees begging you to buy. As long as I sense we are all being honest with each other, the question is do we want a car or not. Right now it is not.