?Am I crazy?

With the Tacoma considered as reliable, I would keep it and drive the hybrid daily. Ten years from now you will be well ahead.

Hybrid powertrains exceed gasoline powertrains in fuel economy by a great margin in both city and highway driving.

No gasoline only engine has a fuel economy rating of 56 mpg.

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My Prius hybrid got 50mpg at 55mph.
It got 35mpg at 70mph
30mpg at 80mph. In Wyoming.
Truckers even dislike slow right lane drivers.

Hypermilling will get you run off the road in MA or NH.

I disagree with that… Highway miles are easy. A well maintained Texas Taco may go 300K and more.

A 200K mile 2012 Tacoma us still worth $6000 trade in, $8000 private sale.

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People are reporting around 45 MPG, typically with E10 fuel. 2022 Hyundai Elantra Hybrid Blue MPG - Actual MPG from 7 2022 Hyundai Elantra Hybrid Blue owners

How fast you drive on the highway makes a big difference with these efficient cars. The majority of the lost energy is due to wind resistance, and energy lost to air resistance is the square of your speed!

Actually, electrics are the future, esp. for commuting and around town…

Sweet spot" for MPG on my Prius is 57 mph…and I would get run off the road in Maine, anything below 70!

Unless you are looking for a reason to buy a new car, best bet imo is to keep your Tacoma. Gasoline prices appear to be on the way down.

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“I Need a Truck”-Warren Zevon

You just have to do the math but I have been through enough of these to not follow the crowd. Back in 81 I was getting.killed on fuel costs but needed a car anyway. I bought a diesel that gave me 27 mpg but with a big car that I needed. Interest rates were 18% but I needed a car. Trying to get my money back, I put 480,000 miles on it.

Later on my wife needed a fuel efficient commuter car to commute for her graduate degree. Small cars were way high so we ended up with an $800 Lincoln. Paying three times the cost for a small car would have been stupid.

I don’t follow the trends. Often you should do the opposite of what all the chicken littles are doing. So if a second car makes sense, fine, but don’t allow current narrative to decide for you. My neighbor decided to get a room and come home on weekends. I decided to buy a car and suck it up.

“I don’t follow the trends. Often you should do the opposite of what all the chicken littles are doing”

Wise advice because the Market is often like a herd of cattle. Lightning strikes to the left, stampedes off to the right even if there’s a cliff ahead.

On the other hand being retired I’ve always wanted a V8 and especially a V12 so if you want me to take it off your hands :slightly_smiling_face: