AM/FM/USB-memory-stick mp3 player for home use, similar as for car use?

I’d like to buy a small am/fm radio with a usb-memory-stick mp3 function. So I could load up a memory stick with podcasts I like and play them at home if I wasn’t so impressed with the on-the-air radio programming at the time. Which I must say happens a lot. But I’ve looked around in the retail stores and never found a smallish one for under $100. There are a few console radios, but nothing that would fit on a nightstand.

I know it can be done, it’s not a technical problem, b/c there are many am/fm radios available with mp3-memory-stick capability as car radios. So now I’m thinking of giving up and just buying a car radio, some speakers, and a 12 volt power supply. What do you think?

How about this instead?

Battery powered though…

Hey, good post @Mustangman … now I know there are some products out there that do what I want. The one in the photo seems a little bigger than I’d like, more of a boom box style. But I could make it work in a pinch. I wonder why none of the retail stores like Target Walmart Sears Penny’s seem to carry anything like this? Have you seen anything like this in a retail store in your area Mustangman?

Hmm, I’ve seen more clock radios with iPod-style connectors in the past, but ones with a USB input aren’t that rare (when I’ve looked). Searching for ‘radio usb’ on Amazon turns up all sorts of models, from really cheap clock radios up. Beware of one thing I’d never seen before. A Sony, and probably others, have a USB power output for charging a phone that is not an audio input. I used to rely on Radio Shack for this sort of thing, but with their bankruptcy, I may need another source soon.

Usually a little easier to find ones with FM capability and the USB (I’m looking at the same sort of thing myself)

How about something like this:

@GeorgeSanJose I haven’t seen anything like my post locally where I am (SW FL)… but I don’t look much in the big box stores for things like that. We have a Tiger Direct reatil store (normally an internet electronics specialty store) that I shop but it seems like everything is based on iPod/MP3 players or smartphones with no USB connections. Docking stations for these are common, stand alone radios don’t seem to be advertised much.

@oblivion … I’m looking for something with a built in speaker and runs on the wall plug power, not portable in other words. I have one similar to the one you posted already for my portable use.

@wolyrobb … I’ve seen that one at Target on the shelves, but I don’t think it will play mp3 files stored on a USB memory stick. The USB port is for charging only, as mentioned by @MarkM above.

@Mustangman … yes, the retail stores here seem to focus on this kind of product using the IPOD connector, not a USB memory stick. I think the way that works is you put your portable IPOD on that connector and then it doesn’t use the battery power to run the IPOD. But the music still comes from the IPOD’s mp3 player circuit. I think anyway, could be wrong. Seems unnecessarily complicated and I don’t have an IPOD anyway. Even though where I live here in San Jose I drive by Apple headquarters all the time! … lol … I don’t really want an IPOD b/c I don’t want to get involved w/ITunes software. It’s simpler and less likely to work to just download from an mp3 file link.

At least I know from the posts here something near what I want is available, but I may have to order it via the internet and I may have to accept something a little bigger than I’d like. I don’t really want a big two speaker version, stereo sound not necessary, just something on the order of the size of one of those smallish Sony AM FM clock radio cubes they sell for $20, but has USB mp3 file input.

There are others on the market with a USB port but most are much larger than the OP was looking for. The one at Target was just an example of the size available. I think Best Buy had a little better selection but at over $100

As time goes on more are adding USB, especially since the old style IPod connector isn’t that common anymore. Many devices seem to have both, but the IPod connection is more prominent in the description.

@GeorgeSanJose: I misunderstood. I thought you were looking for something very portable. There are numerous AM/FM/USB/MP3/SD-card compatible portable stereos of myriad description and price points from under $50 to several hundreds depending on what you’re looking for. I’d just go to Amazon, ebay, or your other favorite site and just type in: “USB boombox”. I have a cheapie that works great that I bought for under $50, though I only use it in the garage and wish I’d paid a little more for one with a bit better speakers. It will run on batteries or wall power. The cord was included.

Thanks @oblivion … I Googled like you said, and I see Walmart has one so I’ll drive over there this weekend, see if they stock it. Naxa NPR-250. $40.

I’m not sure about Walmart, but for many stores you can check online whether it is available at a particular store. Saves a trip if it isn’t. Glad you found something that looks acceptable.